miércoles, abril 27, 2005

La fiebre del UML

Interesante artículo en ACM Queue sobre la fiebre del UML y las consocuencias que traen. El artículo ronda varios aspectos del mal uso del mismo. Algunas notas sobre el tema:
Software organizations are guilty of creating dangerous breeding grounds for UML Fever by staffing influential positions with individuals who are not qualified to serve in them. Just as we have long heard about the consequences of putting a fox in charge of a chicken coop, no less devastation should be expected when putting a design-challenged UML cowboy in charge of a software organization’s modeling strategy or a UML ranger in a project management position who will define all progress milestones in terms of UML diagrams. No matter how well intended people may be, good intentions do not overcome poor qualifications and nonapplicable experience.
The situation where producing a UML model becomes the focal point of a software organization’s efforts is probably the most serious of all UML Fever symptoms. Disaster is inevitable for dysfunctional organizations allowing their focus to shift from developing software to production of magnificent models advertised as being only minor transformations shy of the deliverable source code

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